Emily is a Packaging Engineer at Tesla (Thanks, Elon), Ledger is a gaming Youtuber with 1 million+ subscribers, and Sam is an insanely talented artist and our knight in shining armor.

Packaging + Games + Art = SUPER AWESOME CARD GAME, LET'S GO!!!

How it happened:

(December 2019) On a road trip from Michigan to California, we (Emily and Ledger) decided to pass the time by creating mechanics for a card game. We'd always loved tabletop games and had an interest in creating one of our own for a long time. A 36-hour road trip was a good excuse to really start thinking about it seriously. However, it was pretty challenging to create a card game with only our imaginations and no visual representation whatsoever. Nevertheless, we had a clear idea of how we wanted the game to feel and how it would play.

So, after a few very long and draining shifts driving across interstate 80 (arguably the most boring of the interstates), we finally arrived at our new home in California. After a quick arts & crafts run, we immediately began hand-drawing prototypes and playtesting on boxes we had yet to unpack. The first version of the game was not very fun, but several months went by, and eventually, what was once a repetitive, slow-paced game, was now a fast and energetic frenzy that we would get sucked into for hours at a time. Here's how it looked:

Pretty lame, right? Yet, the game was a blast, and other play-testers thought so too! So, the next task was to make it look...  well, not lame. And so our hunt for an artist began. 

(March 2020) Without a clear theme in mind, finding an artist was a near-impossible task. We tried Cops and Robbers, Treasure hunters, and many other themes that just felt empty. The problem was these themes had all be done countless times before. Finding a theme that went beyond the surface level and brought the players a unique experience would take months of development and trials with about a dozen different artists (seriously).

(August 2020) When we stumbled upon an Instagram account by the name RustledJimmiesComic, we saw the horrifying image below and instantly knew we'd found our artist (seriously).

Why this? To be honest, the artist needed to be good, sure, but with the ability to get weird -- really weird. I think we can all agree that this is weird. 

Weirdness: CHECK

Of course, the artist also needed to have an awesome sense of humor.

Sense of humor: CHECK

After reaching out to Sam, the creator of RustledJimmiesComic, our team was officially assembled. An unstoppable force, that would without a doubt, create a f**king card game (after six months of searching for an artist, we'd nearly lost hope).

(September 2020) After a few weeks working with Sam, this sheep was born:

Little did that turkey meatball know, it was about to be merged into an insane world of nonsensical fun and chaos. A world where having sheep meant everything and protecting them was just another day in the life.

(May 2021) Our Kickstarter launched and received full funding in just 30 minutes! We poured so much of our time and passion into this project, and with our backers support, Sheep in Disguise has become a reality. We plan to bring many more new card games to life for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy for years to come. Thanks so much for reading and for your consideration in adding us to your collection of games.