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Backed this game on Kickstarter and received my copy about a month ago. Only had a chance to play once so far, but everyone absolutely loved the game. It was really easy to learn, and everyone liked it so much that we played for several hours. Would definitely recommend.


Love this game! Perfect mix of Exploding Kittens and Llamas Unleashed. Easy to teach to non gamers as well!


I played this for the first time with a group of friends and everyone loved. It was surprisingly easy for everyone to pick it up since I know how easily frustrated some people can get with new rules. The artwork is enjoyably hilarious with the "Dad" sheep card being my favorite. I highly recommend this game for friends and family. Definitely adding to the game night list.


Great party game!! Easy for new players to pick up, but lots of strategy to learn. Would recommend

Brock St.Clair

This is a game my friends and I play every single game night! Easy and quick set up, and always fun.


Best game i've played in years! Amazing, the whole family loved it. Can't wait for more expansions and more games by this dev!



Putting sheep in disguises to protect them from deadly predators seemed like a great idea... until we lost all the sheep. With demand soaring, sheep are worth their weight in gold! Build your flock, build your fortune, and protect it all from predators and opponents alike!

Sheep in Disguise is a vibrant and strategic card game for 2-6 players about protecting adorably-helpless Sheep from being stolen by opponents or devoured by dangerous predators. Collect Flocks of Sheep, defend them from Attacks, and use Action cards to destroy anyone that gets in your way!

Players can target an opponent's Flock by placing an Expose card on top of it. This Action exposes the Flock's disguise, leaving it vulnerable to an Attack! Players must choose to take the risk of leaving their Flock exposed or pay to remove the Expose card, ensuring the Flock's identity remains a secret. When an Attack card is drawn, all Exposed Flocks are destroyed!

Be strategic and be devious. If you find yourself falling behind, don't worry! All players are in it until the very end and one big move is all it takes to flip the whole game on its head!