Goblin expansion adds traps

Goblin Expansion


Be ruthless and destructive with the Goblin Expansion of Sheep in Disguise! This insane 33 card expansion adds more depth and strategy to every playthrough with Tricky Traps, new Powerful Actions, and more Sheep Cards to spice up the Original or NSFW editions of the game. Goes great with the Wizard Expansion!

- The Sheep in Disguise Goblin Expansion is intended to be added to the original Sheep in Disguise Card Game (or Sheep in Disguise NSFW Card Game).

- This 33 card Expansion Pack adds madness to mayhem as players set Traps, a new type of Instant card that gives you more power than ever before.

- Includes 2 New Sheep with Special Powers, 3 tricky Actions, and 7 unique Traps that are yours to activate.